1. Preamble
(1) The SO Company GmbH offers in its online shop on the website shishicherie. de an affiliate partner program. The contractual partner takes part as a program participant (hereinafter affiliate).
The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to all affiliate partner contracts.
(2) Deviating terms and conditions of the participants are non-binding, unless they are specifically approved by shishicherie. de were acknowledged in writing.

2. Conclusion of contract
(1) These terms and conditions regulate the contractual rights and obligations between shishicherie. de and the participating affiliate.
(2) The contract comes after registration of the participant through the acceptance of shishicherie. de state. Conflicting or deviating regulations of these conditions of participation must be in writing. Deviating regulations and/or verbal ancillary agreements therefore only apply insofar as they are made by shishicherie. en were expressly confirmed in writing.
(3) Contract partner of shishicherie. de affiliate program can only be fully legal natural persons and legal entities.
(4) shishicherie. en reserves the right to change these terms at any time. The participants in the program will be informed of changes in good time by email.

3. Registration and Conditions of Participation
(1) The affiliate applies to participate in the partner program using the registration form on shishicherie. de
(2) shishicherie. de must expressly agree to the partnership, only then is the affiliate entitled to use the offers from shishicherie. de and claim the commission. Affiliates are not entitled to participate in the partner program.
(3) Only websites that are registered on the registering affiliate, contain a complete imprint in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and whose content does not violate the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany can be registered.
(4) The affiliate advertises the offers of shishicherie. de through the integration of hyperlinks and advertising banners. If a visitor of the affiliate partner clicks on the integrated advertising material, he will be directed to the respective product from shishicherie. en. Does this visitor buy the product in the shop of shishicherie. de pays shishicherie. de the affiliate a performance-related commission. The amount of this commission results from the individual agreement between shishicherie. de and the affiliate. (Currently 10% - 25% of the purchase price)
(5) Participation in the partner program is free of charge for the affiliate.
(6) As soon as shishicherie. de consents to the participation of an affiliate in the partner program, shishicherie. de the corresponding advertising links are available to the affiliate. The integration of the advertising links is the sole responsibility of the affiliate. This also applies to placement and labeling, frequency of inclusion and similar issues. The correct technical integration to ensure correct billing is the responsibility of the affiliate. shishicherie takes over any disadvantages suffered due to incorrect integration by the affiliate. en no liability.
The affiliate is not entitled to change the advertising links (HTML codes) or tags made available to him in any way, for whatever reason or with whatever purpose. The affiliate is also not permitted to integrate the advertising material into e-mails whose recipients have not expressly consented to receiving these e-mails (spam).
(7) The affiliate undertakes to keep his shishicherie. de stored contact data, in particular his e-mail address, up to date at all times. Disadvantages suffered by the affiliate due to late information due to insufficient or not up-to-date contact data are the sole responsibility of the affiliate.

4. Payment of commissions
(1) Sales are recorded and commissions are calculated exclusively via shishicherie. de affiliate partner program. The logs can be viewed in the protected affiliate partner area.
(2) The affiliate is only entitled to a commission if the shishicherie. en has declared the release of the commission. The release of the commission and the associated credit to the affiliate's commission account takes place 20 working days after the successful fulfillment of the purchase contract between the mediated buyer and the shishicherie. de
(3) Commissions are only paid to the affiliate when the affiliate's commission account has a credit balance of at least EUR 50. Credit on commission costs at shishi cherie. de do not earn interest.
If the affiliate's balance does not reach the payout limit of EUR 50 within 2 years of participation or if there is no change in the account balance within a year of registration, the corresponding commission account will be closed. A on the account of the affiliate possibly existing credit of less than 50 euros will not be paid out.
(4) The commissions of the commission account are paid on the 1st of each month. paid within a month by bank transfer or PayPal. Should the 1 fall on a Sunday or public holiday, the payment will be postponed to the following working day.
(5) Announces shishicherie. de the affiliate program, the credit of the commission account will be credited on the 1st paid out in the following month, regardless of the amount of the credit (the payment limit does not apply in this case).
(6) For the calculation of the commission, only income from customers who immediately before the purchase via a web link installed by the affiliate partner on shishicherie. de were forwarded, taking into account the cookie lifetime. Such sales are taken into account for the calculation of the commission when the sale, delivery and full payment of the goods are completed. The calculation refers to the net shopping cart value, minus the shipping costs and, if applicable, cancellations.

5. Term and end of contract
(1) On the basis of these conditions between the contractual partner and shishicherie. en Agreements concluded are valid for an indefinite period.
(2) The affiliate is entitled to cooperate with shishicherie. en to end at any time. Does the affiliate terminate cooperation with shishicherie. de, any credit balance of the affiliate will only be paid out if it reaches at least the payout limit of 50.00 euros.
(3) Termination of cooperation with shishicherie. de is available to the affiliate at any time by email to affiliate@shishicherie. de possible. Any cancellation is effective immediately. From the time of termination, the affiliate's advertising successes will no longer be counted or counted. used to calculate commission entitlement.
(4) shishicherie. de is entitled to terminate the cooperation with the affiliate at any time. Complete shishicherie. en the cooperation with the affiliate, any credit of the affiliate will be paid out. Expressly also in the event that the payment limit of 50.00 euros has not yet been reached.

6. Privacy
The data of the participants will be processed by shishicherie. de stored for contract processing and communication within the partner program. They will only be used to fulfill the contract and will not be passed on to third parties or used for advertising purposes.

7. Change of the terms and conditions
shishi cherie. de is entitled to change and adapt these terms and conditions during the current membership. shishicherie. de will send the contracting parties the changed conditions by email in text form and specifically point out the new regulations. At the same time, shishicherie. de grant the contracting parties a reasonable period of time to declare whether they accept the changed GTC for the further use of the services. If no declaration is made within this period, the amended General Terms and Conditions shall apply as agreed. shishicherie. de will expressly point out this legal consequence to the contracting parties at the beginning of the period. If a contracting party objects to the amendment of these GTC, shishicherie. de is entitled to terminate the contract without notice at the time the amended GTC come into force.

8. Final Provisions
(1) The place of performance for all obligations and the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Munich, insofar as the contractual partner is a merchant or a legal entity under public law.
(2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively, excluding international private law and the UN sales law. Excluded from this are claims in the field of industrial property rights and copyright.
(3) The possible invalidity of a provision of these GTC does not affect the validity of the rest of the GTC.